Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Is This What St. Really Stands For?

          Two weeks ago I blogged about how lucky I am and whataguy Bob is, right?  So I think I’m safe sharing this latest moment with you. After all, even when we love each other, we all have times when we can also laugh at ourselves.  At least I hope so.
          St. Bob and I were driving past an outdoor café, and this is what Bob saw out his window (except the ones we saw were black):
          “What are those people doing?” he gasped.  I looked over, saw the black-robed creatures and then looked at Bob to see if he was joking.  Nope; he thought these were some kind of scarily-clad individuals. Were they protesting? Holding a meeting?  Staging a takeover of the local sushi joint?
          I waited for it to dawn on him that these were patio umbrellas, then said, “You’re so cute.”
          He smirked.  “Is that cute spelled with an S?”
          I laughed.  “Followed by a  t, u, p, i, d?” Then it occurred to me: What a perfect explanation for his nickname, St. Bob.  We can just say St. stands for, well, something else.

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