Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Fake Cake

          Yes, this is exactly as it sounds. I’m going to show you how to make a fake cake. It’s so easy you’ll be stunned. In fact, you can also watch me demonstrate it on one of my short Youtube Mom videos. 

            No, I am not a diabolical prankster who wants to torture my guests with a yummy-looking cake they can’t eat. I simply want a showy centerpiece to go under the tall cake stand I bought.

            I made mine white so that I can decorate it for every holiday, but you could also tint it brown to look like chocolate frosting, or pink, or whatever color you like.

             So how do you do it?  Basically just two ingredients. Start with a cardboard or plastic bucket. Dollar stores are great for this.  Make a lid from other cardboard, and glue it on the top.  Now purchase some Drywall Joint Compound from the hardware store. This will be your “frosting.”

            I might add that you’ll want to take the compound home in your trunk, because when I put it on the passenger seat, it was so heavy that my car thought it was an unbuckled person, and it went ding, ding, ding all the way home.

            When you open the bucket of white compound, you’ll see that it looks and feels exactly like frosting!  Just slather it on, make swirls, pipe it, or whatever you choose. Now let it dry and voila! You have a fake cake. You’re welcome.

            But enough of this fakery. My books are absolutely real and can all be found right here.

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