Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Face It

          I have just made a horrifying discovery and it’s about myself. My face betrays me.  All these years I thought my kids could read my mind, but no. They are reading my facial expressions.
          Years ago someone told me never to overreact when my kids share shocking information (Someone at school is selling drugs, a friend just got suspended, etc.) because then they’ll stop confiding in you.
          So I determined to keep a straight face no matter what they said. But only recently when our grown daughter was here and we happened to be chatting in a bathroom, she shared something shocking. And I happened to see my own reflection in the mirror.  I thought I was going like this:
          But, in fact, I looked like this:
          “WHAT?!” I gasped. “That’s what my face was doing?”
          Nicole just smiled. “That’s what your face does all the time.”
          Well, not ALL  the time, I hope. But every time I hear appalling news, evidently. So my kids aren’t mind-readers after all. They’re just taking advantage of my rubbery, expressive face!
          It also happens if someone tells me they just got over their cold:
          Or they’re out of the dessert I just ordered:
          Or they’re marrying a guy they met two days ago:
          Or they’re bringing me a cookie:
           And I'm pretty sure this means I should never, ever play poker:
          Check out my crazy face on my Youtube Mom videos. Evidently you’ll be able to tell exactly what I’m thinking!

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