Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Can You Pass on Your Crazy Luck?

          I’m looking at the headline I wrote for this blog and realize you can take it two ways.  1) You can ask, “Can you pass your crazy luck on to your children, genetically?”  or 2) could you be offered crazy luck in life, and then just pass on it, and go for better luck instead?
          But I’m not sure we get to choose.  I mean, who would choose bad luck, right?  It just follows some folks around (and those of us with bent brains use it to write humor novels and comedy blogs).
          But now… ta-da!  I found an article in My Business Future Magazine that says, “Researchers Prove That Luck is Inherited.”  They studied 300,000 people and have proclaimed that luck is demonstrably genetic.
This not only absolves me from responsibility, which I love, but it explains the unbelievable things that happen to my children, as well.
          JUST LAST WEEK our grown daughter decided to take the train to visit a friend.  But first you have to catch a bus.  No problem, right?  No problem if you are unrelated to Joni. On the other hand, if you are my offspring, here is what your bus will do:

          Buses high center and get stuck on curbs 87% more of the time if one of the passengers is related to me.  Okay, I made that up, but seriously, has this ever happened to you, even once?  Remember, I’m the one who got hit by a semi here, and had my luggage lost by Air France for three days here.  You could scroll through this blog and find, quite literally, hundreds of examples of bad luck.
          Thank goodness our daughter’s train connection wasn’t for several hours.  It took 45 minutes for a tow-truck to get the bus off the curb.
          So I apologize to my daughter, the innocent victim of DNA.  But at least she took pictures for the cause of science. And comedy.
          Mishaps are how I have honed a sense of humor that has formed the basis of my entire writing career.  Check out the resulting 25 books here.

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