Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Semi Funny

          Okay, everyone here who has been hit by a semi, raise your hand.

          Nobody?  Exactly as I thought.  I, however, have joined this illustrious group thanks to a guy swerving into me three weeks ago. Honestly, I am convinced I will never run out of material for this blog.
          He was driving one of those flatbed semi trucks with eight wheels on the back, like this one:
          We were both at an intersection, in two lanes that were both allowed to turn left.  I was in the inside lane, and made the tight turn you’d imagine, to keep away from the monstrous big rig beside me.
          And he should have swung wide to avoid snagging me with his back tires, but alas, despite hugging the median as best I could, I soon saw the flatbed and tires coming awfully close to my window, and then BAM!  My car bounced to the left.
          We both pulled over and I was sure the entire right side of my car would be crunched in when I walked around to survey the damage. Yet, incredibly, it looked great!  Well, except for a huge circle of dirt his tires had left on the door. He had also snapped the outside mirror back, but he gave it a quick slap and it was in proper position again.
          He and I were both hugely relieved, we exchanged information, then went on our way.  After I arrived at my destination, I thought I’d take a closer look at that mirror.  Yikes.  Sure enough, he had scraped the paint off the frame in the lower left corner.  I had no choice but to call his company.

          And, I must say, I have never dealt with a more cooperative trucking firm.  Actually, I have never dealt with any trucking firm, but if this is any indication, these folks are all wonderful people you would gladly have over for dinner.
          I went in for an estimate, and discovered there actually were a few slight dents in the door, which you could see better in the wavy reflection of a striped card. 

Okay, so we still came in under a thousand bucks for repairs.  And considering these semis weigh 12 or 15 tons, I think I had a guardian angel watching out for me.  Of course, we can always quote my friend, Teru, who noted that it would be best if he’d keep me out of trouble entirely, and once said, “Maybe your guardian angel has a drinking problem.”
          It’s entirely possible.

Stay off the highways and curl up with one of my books!  For hair-raising adventure without damaging your car, I recommend Jungle, a romance set on an uncharted island with bizarre creatures, cannibals, murder and mystery.  

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