Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's All in the Name

It’s no small endeavor to start up a company, agreed?  And you would think people would carefully weigh their options when naming it.
But not so.  Apparently folks are slapping names on a company before they even run them by their associates.  Maybe it’s the irresistibly low-cost business cards you can get these days.  Maybe that makes people jump the gun before thinking things through.
          I’ve been accidentally researching this problem in my own neck of the woods, and while I haven’t found anything quite so ghastly as this:

          Or this:

          Or this:

          Or this:

          I have noticed companies with names that beg for clarity.  Even the national Petsmart can be taken as Pets’ Mart, or Pet Smart.  Not long ago there was a shop in Rocklin called SPAMART.  Maybe they just didn’t put enough of a space between Spa and Mart, but Spam Art is actually a thing, so you see that sign and you’re not quite sure.
          Last week I was driving through Auburn and saw Riskalyze on a building.  Turns out this place advises investors building their portfolios, and helps them identify risk.  But without that explanation, it looks like a place that makes things riskier, not safer.  “What happened to Joe?” “He got riskalyzed.”  Poor Joe.
          That same day I saw a truck that said Idealease, and wondered if they knew they had provided three possibilities: This is the ideal place to lease a truck OR it offers ideal ease, OR my favorite—this is a company that will lease you ideas.  Wait-- better yet, maybe they'll lease your ideas to other people!  I think I'll call them.

And I’ll go one better- I’ll GIVE you an idea.  Visit jonihilton.com and buy my books—you’ll be so glad you did!

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