Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cute as a Button

          Children like to challenge you.  How’s that for the Obvious Statement of the Day?  But what young parents don’t realize, is that this continues well into adulthood, as evidenced by our fully grown, eldest son, who recently set out to prove me wrong when I said, “That is cute as a button.”
          I love buttons.  They are cute, right?  When does our love of buttons begin—as babies when we get buttoned up for a cold day? 
When we read about Peter Rabbit and the buttons on his coat? 
When we find a box of them and pretend they’re pirates’ jewels?
When we learn to sew and carefully choose the best buttons we can find?
Whatever.  Buttons are universally recognized as being cute.  And there’s a cliché to prove it.  But Richie has never accepted anything without challenging it, so he immediately found the following examples to disprove my sweeping statement:

And now, my dear readers, we will all have to start saying, “That is cute as most buttons.”  Or just switch it up entirely and say, “That is cute as a puppy.”
Don’t start with me, Richie.

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