Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rhyme Time

          I have a new book out!  You know how nursery rhymes are basically creepy and weird?  At best, they’re outdated.  So I’ve written a bunch of new ones.  This new book is called LDS Nursery Rhymes and it captures Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon, life for kids.  But anyone can enjoy it—I own Jewish books, Catholic books, on and on—and it rounds out our understanding of one another to appreciate the good in any group.

          And wait until you see the gorgeous illustrations, by Trilea Minson.  Kids will love it!  Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading the rhymes, and reinforcing the virtues we all embrace.  Here’s one of the rhymes, to give you a sneak peek:

  Mack and Millie crossed the plains
            In one big covered wagon.
            Through the snow
            And through the ice
            The oxen started draggin’.
            And so they prayed with all their might
            Somehow they would arrive
            And sure enough,
            Though it was rough,
            They made it all alive.
            They fought the crickets, built a home
            And a posterity,
            And then that bunch
            Had bunches more
            And one of them is me!

               LDS Nursery Rhymes is the perfect gift for Baby Showers, New Parents, Baby Blessings, Grandparents, Birthdays, Christmas, Kids, and Friends.  It's available now here, or at the BYU Store in Provo, Utah (and soon on Amazon), so order yours today!

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