Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Not Quite Gilligan's Place

           Looks like I have an island, folks. Okay, technically it’s not my island. But my maiden name is Pennock and this is Pennock Island, so I’m inferring some attachment to it.

          It’s just southwest of Ketchikan, Alaska and is thickly wooded. It’s about 3 miles long, half a mile wide, and not many folks live there.

          Set in the Tongass Narrows, it’s close to Gravina Island, which had all that “bridge to nowhere” publicity a few years ago.

Yes, it’s a three-mile island. But it’s not that three-mile island. It was named for gold prospector Homer Pennock in 1895, and now hosts the annual “Pennock Island Challenge” a swim race all the way around it, in 55-60-degree water. Not for the feint of heart, clearly. Kayakers (rescuers?) come along.

          Here's even a contingency from South Africa, ready to compete:
          They no longer include it in the census (does that mean it literally doesn’t count?) but if you’re looking for a remote hideaway where you can watch whales and bald eagles, maybe consider Pennock Island for your next vacation. And tell them Joni says hi. Or, you can stay in where it's warm and watch my Youtube Mom videos.

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