Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Red Carpet Mama

          This is my kid walking the red carpet last week at a Grauman’s Chinese Theatre premiere in Hollywood:

          This is Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman and YouTube sensation, also on that same red carpet:

If you are not already one of her 8 million followers on YouTube, or one of the billion people who have viewed her posts, I will tell you who she is.  She’s a 27-year-old Canadian rock star, rapper, motivational speaker, singer, and comedian who has a Justin Bieber-type following of screaming teens. And our son, Cassidy, just helped film her world tour.
It’s called “A Trip to Unicorn Island,” and Lilly recently told Jimmy Kimmel about it here:
Cass and crew went to Mumbai, Toronto, London, and I forget where else, to film this YouTube star in action.  The entire docu-movie is on YouTubeRed, but here’s just a preview:

Normally I wouldn’t brag so unabashedly, but I have unexpectedly garnered a bit of cachet, just by being the mother of a guy who knows Lilly Singh.  Last week I was substitute teaching in a high school language arts class, and saw a group of teenage girls in a cluster, chatting.
So I ran an experiment.  “Hey,” I said, “Do any of you guys know who Lilly Singh is?” 
Dead silence for a solid second as they inhaled all the oxygen in the room in a gigantic gasp.  “I LOVE HER!” they all screamed in unison, as if they had rehearsed it.
And now I am the most popular sub in the history of American education.  Just saying.
And when you need another YouTube channel addiction, check out mine--  I’m the YouTube Mom, 

and offer hundreds of videos right here.  Can’t promise any rapping or dancing, but definitely some life hacks we all need.

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