Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to Turn Ministering on its Head

          I’ve told you before that the LDS church does a really cool thing. We minister to each other by assignment. Each of us is given three or four (or more) people to watch over, visit every month, and basically just befriend. Ideally no one could ever fall through the cracks—we’d know if someone was sick, unemployed, struggling in any way, and then we can address it.
          For years we’ve had a couple of men who visited every month and who always asked if there was anything they could do for us. Mostly we chatted, and they always shared an uplifting spiritual message.
          And then, as things go, they got reassigned. BUT… one of them is so faithful and sincere that he still reaches out. And the other day, since he can’t come by during the quarantine, he sent this very sweet, innocent text:
          How are you guys doing?
          Rule #1: You never give St. Bob an opening line like that.  Here’s what Bob wrote back:
          This information is no longer available to you as you’re no longer our ministering brother. Your subscription expired. However, for a slight fee of $1,189.99 you can re-register to join in and get this information.
          Luckily, the guy knew Bob’s personality and wrote back that he was dying laughing. Welcome to my world, my brother.
Yes, St.  Bob shows up in several of my novels.  Many a fictional husband has been based on him. Check ‘em out!

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