Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Hairy Times

          The quarantine has spawned a hilarious problem. At least I find it hilarious: Roots.  Salons are closed and women are discovering just what color their hair really is.
          In my case, it’s been a double whammy because chemo changed my natural color from dark blonde to brown.  So when I tried to color it using my old formula, it turned auburn.  Hair stylists to the rescue, I became blonde again. BUT… then COVID-19 happened, salons closed, and now I look like I’m trying to be young and hip with light hair and dark roots.
          Yes, I know this is “in,” but I’d rather be out. At least on this matter.  And I get zero sympathy from St. Bob because a few years ago I convinced him to touch up his own graying areas and it was an utter disaster.
          I should have snapped photos, or better yet, a video. First I thought we could cover his gray with a medium brown. Yikes. It turned dark, almost black.
After giggling until my eyes were watering, I ran to the beauty supply, came back, and lightened it up. Now it was red. Yikes. He was not pleased. And the more upset he became the more hilarious I found the situation.  
But I ran to the beauty supply again, came back, and colored it a third time.
          “Hatchet hair!” Bob shouted. “You’ve given me hatchet hair!” What on earth, I asked, is hatchet hair?
          Apparently there’s an old horror movie about an axe murderer with bright yellow hair.  I’m sorry, but sometimes you CANNOT keep from laughing.
          Three more times we tried to get his hair back to normal and finally, when it came out a shade of taupe, we called it a day. A very funny day from my perspective, a very aggravating day from his.
          And yes, now karma is biting me in the head.
While you stay sequestered, forget about your hair. Just curl up with one of my books, or watch a bunch of my short Youtube Mom videos here.

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