Tuesday, May 31, 2016

That Late Show

          I am watching destiny unfold.  I told you in an earlier blog that our son, Cassidy, was fated for entertainment.  Yes, when he was just three years old one of his friend’s moms said, “That kid is hilarious.  I mean, he even has timing!  It’s incredible.”  And I said, “I think he’s going to be the next Johnny Carson.”
          And, sure enough, he’s now hosting That Late Show on YouTube, interviewing other YouTube stars.  It seems the latest crop of celebrities are the people with mega-humongous followings on YouTube.  Cassidy’s most recent episode features the wildly popular IISuperwomanII, Lilly Singh, who literally has a billion hits and millions of subscribers. You absolutely must watch this interview here:
          And here’s a little inside info.  Cassidy does a take-off on Let’s Make a Deal in this show, calling it, Shall We Make a Deal?  being sure to thank his “announcer,” whom he calls “Bob.”
          Well, this is a reference to St. Bob, of course, who actually did host Let’s Make a Deal for NBC, back in the 90s, and whose genes are now in full flower again as his son steps into his dad’s talk show/game show shoes. Yes, the coconut did not fall far from the tree, but I would like to take credit for how great he looks in Lilly’s new line of lipstick, Bawse, at the end of the show.
And, if you’d like to see our kid every week, subscribe to his channel here!

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