Friday, October 10, 2014

Spacing Out

Have you ever seen the Space Station in orbit, right above your head?  If not, welcome to the biggest group of earthlings ever.  Hardly anyone knows why we have it, what it’s doing, or where they can see it.  We know it exists, and that’s about it.
            But this exciting contraption zips around the blue planet all the time, and if you’re in the right spot at night, you can glance up and POW!  There it is.   I was recently in Orange County, California, and saw it in the southwest sky.  It took about 6 minutes to pass overhead, going about 17,500 miles an hour. 
          Its six crew members conduct all kinds of science experiments, and run tests for missions to Mars and the Moon.  And there they were, just hovering overhead as I stood on the beach with my cell phone camera. This is the shot I got:
            Well, I wasted no time forwarding three astounding photos of A BLACK RECTANGLE to all my children, bragging about my great photography of the space station and not one of them got the joke.  They honestly thought I was serious, showing them the space station as photographed from earth with a cell phone.  I waited and waited for them to write back with a funny comment about not having the flash feature on, but no.  Mom is simply out of the loop, again.

            I’m going to send them another one.  This time it’s going to be a picture of the black hole that has sucked out all their humor genes.
Fear not, humor genes can be replaced. Just read my recent novel, Sisters in the Mix, and you should be okay.

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