Friday, April 4, 2014

Thar She Blows!

            I guess you’ve heard about all the animals leaving Yellowstone in droves.  No?  Well, if you can believe Facebook posts, they’re in mid-exodus, running for their lives from a national park that’s about to blow.
            At least that’s what the Chicken Little folks say, you know the ones who create bedlam and panic for the rest of us to lap up.  Apparently animals around the world can sense when an earthquake or a tsunami is coming, and can even smell a rumbling volcano, ready to roar.
            So, naturally I called my son, Richie, who just last week returned from studying the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, and here is how the conversation went:
            Me: Hey, have you heard about all the animals fleeing Yellowstone because some volcano is going to erupt there?
            Richie: No, but Yellowstone is on top of one of the biggest Supervolcanoes in the world.

            Me: What?  So it’s about to blow?
            Richie: Well, the animals could be detecting gas bubbles or movement in fault lines; it isn’t necessarily a volcano.
            Me: But what if it is a volcano?  Cassidy and Tiffany (our son and his wife) live right there in Rexburg!  I saw a chart that included it in the Kill Zone!
            Richie: Trust me, if Yellowstone erupts, it will be a global catastrophe, not just trouble for Rexburg.
            Me: WHAT?! 
            Richie: In fact, Cassidy and Tiffany are in the best spot in a Kill Zone because they’ll be killed immediately, whereas the rest of us will be plunged into nuclear winter, and you don’t want to die that way.
            Me: WHAT?!
            Richie: Glad I could help.
            Me: WHAT?!
            And to think I just put in my vegetable garden and renewed two magazine subscriptions.
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  1. Scary, huh? I accidentally let my 6 yr old watch documentary on Yellowstone a couple months ago and it seems all he heard was the info about how it was formed and the underground volcano lurking and scientists are monitoring constantly .... sort of obsessed for awhile. Can't let him know this!

    1. Definitely not! Sounds like you have a budding scientist there, Jewel!