Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sharing reviews today!  First up, thanks to Jennie Hansen for reviewing my new comedy novel, SISTERS IN THE MIX, available at Amazon and  You can read that review here:

And thanks to the gifted director, Gina Bikales, for the recent production of "IN BED WITH CHUCK AND LOIS" in Rancho Mirage, and for writing this in her Director's Notes:
"I have such a good time directing Joni Hilton's work and the reasons are simple.  Joni is a writer who knows how to write the truth.  There is not a situation she tackles that doesn't ring true.  Every single one of us can relate to something in her plays, whether it is the relationship of spouses to each other, how we see our children, or if our bodies measure up to the Hollywood standard of perfection.  She nails it every time.  Joni is also one of those rare writers who can elicit gales of laughter without ever resorting to the dropping of "F-Bombs" or other assorted questionable language.  Her humor works without cheap tricks or shocks.  Ms. Hilton writes real sentences with well thought out vocabulary.  It's a rarity these days..."

And thanks to Bruce Fessier of THE DESERT SUN who wrote of the same play, "... her humor was effective because it resonated with truths that bonded the audience... the split second timing directed by Gina Bikales gave the dialogue extra bite, but it was Hilton's observations of how men and women think that had my wife and I laughing so hard we were almost embarrassed by what it revealed about us.  Bikales says it will that $6,000 to $7,000 to get this one-set play mounted at a legit theater.  That's a wise investment.  This play can have a life in stock theater."

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